Bliss noticed that, in China, bikers were forced to stop at a crossroad by the coming and going of cars until their number increased to the point that the phenomenon naturally reversed: suddenly cars stopped while bikers went by.

Quantum physics scientists have been studying this phenomenon for a long time. It has been calculated that if 8000 people have the same belief, think the same thought and express the same intention at the same time, they can influence the remaining 7 billion people who live in fear, unawareness, frustration and helplessness to change their negative state of being.

“Cars stop me from crossing… I need help!”


“I’m not alone anymore”

“How can we manage to cross?”

“The critical mass has been reached, now it’s our turn to cross”

“Now we can do it”

“Where are they all going?”


“I want to join them too!”

You could be the trigger that starts the change.

Let us agree to connect from 9 pm to 10 pm each evening,

each one of us, within our own hearts, with the same intention: health, abundance, love, joy.

Let’s pronounce these words to ourselves, in our own languages:

“I allow my higher Self to open up to all the powers of its Force.”

And it will be a canon of collective healing for all the peoples of the Earth.